Your Guide to the Most Beautiful Lake Erie Ohio Lighthouses

Lake Erie, Ohio, is home to over 20 lighthouses, some that date back to the early 18th century! From the rocky shores of Cleveland to the waters of Ashtabula, every beacon and tower is unique in its own way. And while the architecture of each is absolutely fascinating, the stories behind them are even more incredible!

For centuries, these Ohio lighthouses guided sailors along the coastal shores of Lake Erie. Below you will find an introduction to three amazing places to explore, but they are just the beginning of Ohio’s fascinating history. Take a trip to the state’s first summer resort, Geneva-on-the-Lake, to find more, and remember to download our free Geneva-on-the-Lake Vacation Guide. Our guide includes over 100 recommendations on museums, historic sites, and landmarks in the area!

3 Incredible Lake Erie Ohio Lighthouses

Marblehead Lighthouse

Built in 1821, Marblehead Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes! You will find it situated on a rocky headland of Columbus Limestone, which is often mistaken for marble. That is how Marblehead earned its name! It is one of the few lighthouses that is open for tours. Climb the tour, enjoy the waterfront, and visit the museum. Marblehead is one of Ohio’s most photographed and iconic landmarks, so remember to bring your camera!

West Sister Island Lighthouse

The history of West Sister Island dates back to the War of 1812. Today, West Sister Island is a national wildlife refuge managed by the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937 and is specifically designated to protect the largest wading bird nesting colony on the U.S. Great Lakes. Although visitors are not allowed on the island, you can catch a glimpse of the historic lighthouse by boat or from the south shore of Lake Erie!

Ashtabula Harbor Lighthouse

Located at the end of a rocky breakwater near the bustling Ashtabula Harbor, you will find the Ashtabula Lighthouse. It is one of several lighthouses to serve the Ashtabula Harbor over the years. The U.S. Coast Guard manned this light house until 1973 when it was automated. Interestingly, it was the last remaining lighthouse to be manned by on Lake Erie. Today, visitors may catch a glimpse of this lighthouse with a trip to the Ashtabula Maritime Museum.

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