Shining the Light on Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse

If you’re planning a trip to Ohio’s coast, you’ll want to organize a visit to Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a beacon for the Great Lakes, and the museum is rich with artifacts collected throughout the last decade. Find your place in maritime history during your next visit to Geneva-on-the-Lake. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse

Take a trip back in time at the Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse. Explore the different rooms, discover the history, and listen to the stories of the lake. Tour one of the most magnificent lighthouses in the country during your next visit to Northern Ohio!

The History

The Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse is the first Great Lakes Lighthouse Marine Museum in the United States. The lighthouse is at the mouth of the Grand River. It’s known as “the light that shone for one hundred years.” Lake Erie is well-known for vicious storms that accumulate quickly and produce capsizing swells. The lighthouse stood as a beacon, harboring ships from danger during the Gilded Age. 

The lighthouse and grounds were retired in 1925, and the museum was founded in 1945. Today, it houses several significant artifacts from the maritime period.

The Museum

The museum consists of three separate rooms—Founder’s Room, Fairport Room, and Great Lakes Room. 

Founder’s Room holds photos and equipment used on the USCG Station Fairport, along with salt mine samples and mysterious stories of the infamous ghost cat. Fairport Room contains the third-ever Fresnel Lens used in the country. It also provides extensive information about several other types of lights and their many uses in the lighthouses. The Great Lakes Room offers a comprehensive history of the boats that graze the waters of Lake Erie. From wooden shipbuilding to steamers and freights, there’s a little something for all boat-lovers at the museum.

The Lighthouse

The original Fairport Lighthouse was finished in 1825 and stood 30-feet high. That first lighthouse and keeper’s house significantly deteriorated within time, and both were fully reconstructed in 1871. The light was doubled in size, and an observation deck and spiral staircase were installed. It is now home to several artifacts and stories representing the rich history of Lake Erie.   

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