How to Experience the Ultimate Business Retreat at Geneva-on-the-Lake!

Geneva on the Lake, Ohio, is the perfect place to host your next business retreat! Our area offers the ideal spot to enjoy the peace while experiencing the beauty of Lake Erie! Our town is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a much-needed change of scenery! In this blog, we’ll cover all of the packing tips for a successful business retreat. If you’re thinking of planning a corporate retreat, be sure to download our Vacation Guide. Our guide is your blueprint for a relaxing and rejuvenating trip to Ohio! From local attractions to visiting top-rated restaurants, we have insider tips! Now, let’s get packing! 

Corporate Retreat

Ohio is known for having varied weather. Summers are warm and pleasant, with temperatures hovering in the low-80s. In the winter, the temperatures cool down into the twenties and teens! So depending on the time of year, your packing list will change! 

Corporate Retreat Packing Tips 

Packing for a business trip means you need the essentials! Make sure you are covering all of the bases. Here are some tips to maximize what you can bring! 

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes makes packing easier and allows you to bring more clothing or personal items! 

Pack your trip itineraries! (This will keep you organized and prepared) 

Traveling with your itineraries helps you keep track of business functions to attend and how to plan to explore around them! 

Bring essential electronics (Cell phone, laptop) 

Electronic devices are essential in modern travel. Bring only work and personal essentials to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted space! 

Minimize Accessories (Purses, jewelry) 

Accessories take up space! Your mindset should be business focused and selective. Bring accessories that are appropriate for business travel and casual wear. 

Use colorful tags to identify your luggage (This makes getting in and out of the airport a breeze!)

This saves so much time! Colorful tags help identify your luggage at the baggage carousel. You’ll spend more time exploring your destination and less time trying to find your bag! 

Pack casual clothes too! (Shorts, casual pants, T-shirts, casual shoes)  

Casual wear on a business trip is essential! You wouldn’t want to wear formal business wear to an outdoor excursion with your co-workers! Be sure to remember pajamas, bathing suits, and everyday casual wear. 

Pack only essential toiletries 

Save room for your toiletries! Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, floss, and other personal products are good picks. 

Bring some warm, casual clothing for the evenings! (Easy to forget! Be sure to grab these) 

Always remember that the weather can change anytime! Pack clothing for warm and cool days, so you’ll always be prepared. 

Choose your shoes wisely! 

Bring dress shoes for business meetings and functions and comfy casual footwear for non-work activities! You’ll thank yourself that you didn’t forget!

Arrive at the Lakehouse Inn and Settle in for Your Business Retreat!

At the Lakehouse Inn, you’ll feel relaxed knowing your business travel needs are taken care of! Enjoy comfortable accommodations that will leave you rested and ready to take on the day and amenities to complement your stay! We look forward to hosting your next business trip to beautiful Lake Erie!